This Site and Domain Name is For Sale is for sale.

When I bought the domain  I had lots of ideas that I thought would help fans of Steve Marriott and Small Faces. For example, I was hoping to introduce a forum so that fans could discuss aspects of why Steve Marriott and Small Faces are so important. I wanted to develop the ability for tribute bands to showcase their talent on the site to other fans. I also wanted to make sure that of was the premier source of information for all things Steve Marriott and Small Faces related such as band and musician profiles, album and song reviews, song lyrics, etc. But, unfortunately, pressures of time and other interests mean that I have been unable to develop the site as I would like.

In the three months since I first bought the domain in December 2018 the site has had over 2500 visitors and nearly 4000 page views. I believe that it would be possible for someone who is knowledgable and committed to all things Steve Marriott and Small Faces would be able to improve on this and make a success.

You may be a hardcore Steve Marriott or Small Faces fan and want to show your appreciation. Or it may be that you are able to improve the site to assist other fans of Steve Marriott and Small Faces.

For whatever reason, if you would like to own please complete the form below.

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