The Universal

New Authorised Biography out 18 March 2021

All or Nothing, Simon Spence’s oral history biography, is drawn from over 125 interviews with those who knew Marriott intimately: his wives, children, bandmates and closest friends, managers, record producers, record label bosses and his fellow musicians. Included are scores of people who have never told their story before. From his child star beginnings to his battles with drug addiction and untimely death in a housefire, All or Nothing is a visceral and unflinching account of Steve Marriott’s extraordinary and often troubling life.

Small Faces - The Universal
Small Faces – The Universal

Song Facts

Writers: Steve Marriott/Ronnie Lane

Length: 2:44

Release Date: 28 June 1968

Chart Position (UK): 16

B-Side: Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass




  • Vocals, Guitar – Steve Marriott
  • Bass, Vocals – Ronnie Lane
  • Drums, Spoons, Percussion – Kenney Jones
  • Clarinet – Don Fay
  • Trombone – Derek Wadsworth

The Universal

There's such a lot of good ways to be bad
And so many bad ways to be good
Haven't paid my rent yet
I tell them "Sorry, but I haven't got the money anymore"

Just for the day I thought I'd leave love alone
Hold hands with day
And if I'm so bad why don't they take me away

Just like what you hear with a shell pressed to your ear
That's the sea in the trees in the morning
Hello the universal
Good morning, Steve, well you won't believe me today

Working doesn't seem to be the perfect thing for me
So I continue to play
And if I'm so bad why don't they take me away

Well a hippy-trippy name dropper came through my door
He said, I just bumped into Mick, he told me you know where to score
No not me friend
I mind my own and my own minds me

Well my love is at the foot of your hand
Come what may
But if June comes first, please won't you take me away



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